One week in – thoughts, and why I’m here

Well, hello readers – it’s been one week since I posted my first story live onto Kindle (well, just over, but it’s cold so I’m lazy).

I thought I should talk a little more about why I’m writing, what I’m doing, etc.

Obviously, first of all I used to greatly enjoy writing romantic fiction, and it has been great fun to get back into it.

However, fun aside, I’m working alongside a friend – we’re both departing on the venture of writing romance.

Both of us have written fiction for years, and with the rise of Kindle publishing removing the stigma of self-publishing, we thought it was time to put pen to paper and write.

One week in, I’m seeing the key is to keep writing – writing as much as I can. Not that it’s easy. Still, this means I’ll keep spamming you lovely folks with more and more saucy romance stories 😉 So keep posted. Another one should go live over the next few days, featuring a character I’ve come to like quite a lot.


First book going live!

Many thanks to everyone who’s joining me on this adventure of finally publishing my romance fiction.
My first short story, Ridden by the Stallion, is awaiting review to go live on Amazon’s Kindle store:


” He leaned closer, so close that I could smell his odour – an enticing scent of grass and sweat and dust, but wild and fresh, not like the scent of captive horses. ‘So, horse rider . . . have you ever been ridden yourself?’ He paused to let his words sink in. ‘Do you want to be?'”

Danny is a young ranch worker, out scouting for wild horses. When he finds an equisite white stallion, he does not expect the horse to actually be a shape-shifter, who has every intention of teaching Danny his place.


Keep your eyes peeled for it on the kindle store simetime soon.

My next book – a serial – is well underway, and should be going live soon too.



Hi everyone, welcome to my new site!

I am setting out on a journey of writing romance and erotic romance short stories, novellas, and serialised novels.

All my work is being published directly to Amazon’s Kindle store.

I always love new ideas, so please get in contact if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see written.

Please keep posted for updates.