One week in – thoughts, and why I’m here

Well, hello readers – it’s been one week since I posted my first story live onto Kindle (well, just over, but it’s cold so I’m lazy).

I thought I should talk a little more about why I’m writing, what I’m doing, etc.

Obviously, first of all I used to greatly enjoy writing romantic fiction, and it has been great fun to get back into it.

However, fun aside, I’m working alongside a friend – we’re both departing on the venture of writing romance.

Both of us have written fiction for years, and with the rise of Kindle publishing removing the stigma of self-publishing, we thought it was time to put pen to paper and write.

One week in, I’m seeing the key is to keep writing – writing as much as I can. Not that it’s easy. Still, this means I’ll keep spamming you lovely folks with more and more saucy romance stories 😉 So keep posted. Another one should go live over the next few days, featuring a character I’ve come to like quite a lot.


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