The Chase – Cat Thief book 2

Another slightly delayed announcement, but here is book 2 of the Cat Thief series, featuring the cocky, fun cat-boy, Sy.

In this book, our cat burglar thinks he’s just having a really bad day at work – however, things will be happening by someone else’s design, and Sy will learn that he’s maybe not as unrivalled as he thinks.

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and belated Happy Yule

Good morning readiers!

I just wanted to wish you all a good festive season. I hope everyone is having an enjoyable time whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule, something else, or nothing at all – I’m sure we can at least all be happy that we’ve passed the shortest day of the year, and will be moving back towards summer.

I’m working on a couple of new books for you all, including new characters, new stories, and more. . . well, more of everything 😉

Happy Holidays!

The Cat Thief series book 1 – On the Prowl

Hey, everyone. Again, sorry it’s been so long – I had tech issues and haven’t been able to update here. I have still been updating, so here’s info on one of the books I have up:

The Cat Thief series book 1 – On the Prowl

Symon Gatt, reknowned cat burglar, is the focus for a new series of steam cat-shifter books I’m worknig on. Sy is bold, daring, playful and arrogant – but in his defence, he is the best thief in the city. His first adventure has him seeing just how far he can mix business with pleasure, when a job goes wrong, and he finds himself face to face with his target.


Sy holds nothing back, in his work or his fun, so this should be an exciting read for everyone. There are plenty more of Sy’s adventures to come too.

Find On the Prowl here: