Author bias: Characters

Chances are, if you’ve ever written or read anything before, you’ve noticed author bias. Authors, as with all people, have likes and dislikes, and no matter how hard we try to hide it, it shows in some way or other. That’s what this series of blog posts will cover.

Right now I am struggling with bias towards my characters. Don’t some characters just jump off the page and into your heart? Don’t others just stay a bit boring, a bit . . . nothing? I can deal with that when reading, but how do you get over writing a character that isn’t living and breathing and luring you in?

Right now, my published stories have three main protagonists between them:

There’s Sam, my young, innocent man set upon by bandits in the Stolen Love series. Oh, Sam is fun, sure. He’s going through full-on life changes, which I’m sure we can all relate to. Also, Sam has been with me for years (even though I’ve only just started writing him), so I’ve got a soft sport for Sam. He’s also maturing in ways I didn’t expect, so sure, Sam in fun.

Then we have Danny, main character of my best selling books, the Horse Rider series. Despite them being my best sellers, I personally don’t get along well with Danny. He’s surly and a bit difficult. He’s rough around the edges. Unfortunately, he’s just not my kind of character. Danny and I haven’t really clicked.

Sy though . . . oh, Sy. Sy, from my Cat Thief books, is my kind of character – especially my kind for an erotic romance. Sy is playful. He’s arrogant. He’s that little jumble of cocky and suave and fun. So much fun.

Thus we have polar opposites. I could write Sy’s adventures every day. Danny challenges me though.

So how do I deal with it?

Sy is easy. The trick is holding back. I have all the stories written down safely, and limit myself to how much I can write him. Usually it’s one Sy story between each other story.

Danny is more difficult. With Danny, I seem to be throwing him angst and anguish. Nothing inspires writing like some good old-fashioned angst. It doesn’t have to be much – a word here, an unexpected kiss there – but enough to light a fire under Danny’s ass (and thus mine as well).

So far it’s working – but how much angst can I throw at one poor character? Let’s find out 😉


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