Author bias: Themes

Another author bias that has been bugging me – themes, feelings, moods, set pieces – whatever you want to call it, I’m sure there are all things which we stay away from or veer towards.

Now, I like romance, and storybook endings . . . but  the world has thrown too much at me for that to get a look-in any more. I’m cynical and grouchy instead.

I’d love it if my themes could be unending love, happily-ever-afters, etc. Instead, my themes seem to be trouble, hardship and anguish. Oh, I’m not quite going to plumb the full depths of that just yet, sure, but I don’t have people riding off into the sunset. In fact, I’ve had a few characters watching their loved ones riding away from them (and for any psychologists out there, that doesn’t quite line up to my past as you’d think, trust me).

It makes me sad in a way that my bias is towards sadness. If you’ve got a happy bias, maybe throw some pointers about how to write happy stuff?

If you want to write more miserable stuff, I can only really give you this: It’s the moment before the kiss which has most tension, and – as with music – that needs to be resolved. If it isn’t, you’re just twisting the knife.


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