Hello again!

Hi everyone – especially to my new followers. Thank you all for joining me. There’s been a bit of a surge in followers recently, so I figure I should make you all welcome.

I haven’t been focusing on writing for a bit, hence the huge dropoff in content. I’m very sorry for this. I’ve been off exploring life, and can think of all kinds of exciting new stories to write for you, including all kinds of new themes. I hope you like saucy stories, and yes, I have been getting the inspiration first-hand 😉

So, if there is indeed a resurgence of interest in my stories, I’ll be here, writing, and I’ll share some thoughts with you all on the matters of love, lust, and everything in between.

If there’s any particular genres or themes you’d like written about, let me know. Equally let me know which of my existing books you’d most like to see sequels to.