The dangers of self-publishing: Illegal copies

I’m impressed. I mean, really impressed. It takes a certain amount of dedication to pirate erotic romance novellas. Especially ones which cost only a quid or two, and are on Kindle Unlimited. It all seems a little pointless…

Yet somehow three of my short stories (The Sy books, and Ridden by the Stallion) are already on pirating sites. They were, in fact, uploaded within a week or so of me publishing them.

I mean, I guess I can’t grumble too much. I’m sure we’ve all watched a pirated movie at least once in our lives, but I still feel like there’s something different about screwing over a small-time writer.

I can’t think of a good way around it, but if you’ve had similar, or know how to avoid it, please do say. If you’re finding your own books getting nicked in a similar way, you have my sympathy.


I will just put a little request here that everyone, if possible, uses my ‘official’ lines, such as going to my Kindle author page:


But, if you’re really desperate to read erotica and can’t afford it, get in touch, tell me your kink, and I’ll write you a personalised piece.


No, seriously.