The Personal Assistant Book 1- New Hire

Live (and, for once, fresh and actually on-time with the announcement) now – The Personal Assistant Book 1 – New Hire.

Andrew Phillips is a normal young man, down on his luck. Fresh out of university, he finds himself jobless, loveless, and hopeless. A chance meeting with Rob Truman, the black sheep third son of a very rich technology family, changes all that.


This is my longest book to date, at a whopping 58 pages / 22k words. See the innocent meeting of our lovely young men, all the way to their steamy encounters and moral dilemmas.

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Breaking the Stallion – Horse changer book 2

Hey folks! So, a bit delayed, here’s the announcement for the release of Breaking the Stallion – sequel to Ridden by the Stallion.

Danny, obsessed by his ‘encounter’ with the horse-changer Thanas, tries to track down the stallion and get his own back.

Find the book here: